Monday, October 4, 2010

Crafty Bastards! All I ever dreamed it would be.

 WOW! What a fantastic day at Crafty Bastards we had! Met great people and had great sales, totally worth getting up at 5 AM ! I heart DC shoppers! Here is a short, but happy, recollection of our day.

Smiling, but still sleepy. Enjoying the crisp air and stealing a zen moment minutes before show time at 10am. Finishing off my first cup of warm local coffee delivered by my husband on his way back from scoring free DC parking.

It wasn't long before the scene looked like this, and Woo Hoo, remained that way all day.

Selling so fast we spent most of the day rearranging racks.

Thanks to everyone who came out to CB!  We had the best time!
Don't forget you have until October 8th to VOTE to make me this years Craftiest Bastard!


  1. So glad it was a great show! No surprise though - your work is always beautiful, and your recent work is especially fantastic. I've been drooling over it!

    Miss you, lady!

  2. By the time I made it to your booth you were out of inventory (and business cards for that matter)! I was so sad I missed out, but I'm glad you did so well! Your stuff is gorgeous, I will have to get something from you later : )

  3. Hi Ono! Great meeting you at Crafty Bastards! Here's the pic of you I promised!

    Markette, DC on HEELS

  4. So glad to hear this Ono! Hopefully we can catch up soon :)