Thursday, August 5, 2010

Subtle Details

I thrifted this dress the week before I went home. It wasn't horrible but it needed some help if it was going to be wardrobe worthy. The hideous metal belt buckle (which was also bent) was the first thing to go along with the excess pleated fabric that ran through it.

I removed the entire waist piece and replaced it with a similar fabric that I had craft swapped 2 years ago. I had been hanging on to this fabric for just the right garment because I love it so much. I also took advantage of the deconstruction process to replace the acetate liner fabric with cotton, much better for the summer heat.

After shortening the dress 5 inches I added lilac lace trim to the liner fabric and lilac ric-rac to the dress hem. I love secret trim and subtle details on any garment, it makes me feel extra pretty.

I removed some green silk pieces from a top in my closet (it had bad karma) and made ties for the waist to form a bow at the back. More silk was added to define the V-neck and the last extra piece was ironed into a pleated ruffle for a feminine touch. I completed the dress with found buttons sewn onto one side of the V for my signature asymmetrical look.

I was so excited that I finished it before we went up North. Here I am showing it off at a family cookout.


  1. You are seriously amazing. I lovelovelove this sooo much.

  2. that dress is super cute! And you look great in it.

  3. That is one cute dress and you have a very fun and lovely blog!