Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Favorite

Presenting the Bluebird Belle, my new favorite dress.

Although it may be a wee small on my dress form it fits me perfectly and I am having some trouble parting with it. It's not easy making one-of-a-kinds, I can't make a second one for myself to wear. This particular dress uses recycled pieces of the following; a man's shirt, tank top, skirt, scrap fabric, found buttons and ric-rac trim.

The Bluebird Belle will be for sale at ecologic until August 6th and if she hasn't sold by then she will become the star of my closet. I think that's a good compromise.


  1. Ono! This is cute as heck!! What size is Bluebird Belle?
    I just met you at SotJ Market. Can't wait employ you as my personal wardrobe specialist!

  2. Love your vision!
    And that dress screams
    summer! ♥

  3. Hi again Dena! The dress has a nice stretchy waist and fits from a 4-8 on top and the bottom is plenty full. It's available at Ecologic on Main Street if you want to check it out in person. Great meeting you!