Thursday, March 18, 2010

the It garment

Sometimes a piece of clothing in a woman's closet is so notorious it comes to have it's own title, becomes an It garment.

In the late 90's my friend Maria had this gorgeous blue silk dress that she referred to simply as The Donna Ricco. Although not as glamorous, the It garment of my life is Gram's Yellow Sweater. Or as my mother calls it, that ugly yellow sweater.

I'm not quite sure when my Grandma Angie bought the Sears sweater, maybe before I was born, but I know she wore it to Mount Rushmore in the 80's. I love gram's yellow sweater. I coveted it so much as a teenager that I would pretend to be cold in summer just to wear it at my grandmother's house. Always crafty herself, she caught onto my game and gave me the sweater, to my great squealing teenage delight.

In the past 16 years I've worn it with everything and almost everywhere. I cherish it like couture. I won't wear it camping or take it on a plane for fear of lost luggage. When I first acquired it I spent the summer pairing it with jean short cut offs, red flip-flops and a matching headband.

There is no doubt that gram's yellow sweater is the It garment star of my closet and will remain so for years to come, or at least until it gets a chance to visit Mount Rushmore again.

What is your It garment???

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